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Who Is Natalie Eastman?

Christian. Author. Singer. Musician. Worship leader. Speaker. Educator. M.Div. ’02, D.Min. ’05–Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, MA). Texan, Virginian, Marylander, Bay Stater, Nutmegger, Ohioan. Travel lover–especially international, but anywhere will do. Sun-worshiper/heat-lover. Dark chocolate eater. Costco fanatic. Starbucks Mocha drinker. (Too-)extreme multi-tasker. Extrovert with growing introvert needs. Wife/life partner to Dr. David, associate professor extraordinaire. Mama to three remarkable littles.

Author, Women, Leadership, and the Bible
Founder, The Verity Initiative, LLC
Creator, Biblical Breakthrough Online Coaching Program

Published Works

Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to BiblicalWomen, Leadership, and the Bible by Natalie Eastman, D.Min. Interpretation (Portland, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers/Cascade Books, May 2014)

What do you believe about women’s roles in church leadership? Should women preach? Should women be ordained? Should women lead groups that include men?

Even more importantly, why do you believe what you believe?

Plenty of books exist telling women what to think; precious few help women think for themselves, particularly about theological issues. Women, Leadership, and the Bible helps women learn to interpret the Bible and discern for themselves answers to their questions about women’s roles in the church, along with any other issue they may face in life. In straightforward, plain language, Dr. Natalie Eastman introduces women to a five-step, easy-to-follow process for studying the Bible and interpreting what they study.

Christian Women Making Biblical and Theological Decisions. TREN Dissertations. Paper 831 (Portland, OR: Theological Research Exchange Network, 2005).

Abstract: Conflicting voices in the contemporary conservative Christian church, as well as voices of both the near and distant historical past, profoundly–and often negatively–impact women and the church at large today. Confusion, stagnation, and disunity frequently result. This thesis explores sociological, epistemological, historical, and finally biblical and theological reasons for these conflicting voices. It argues that Christian leadership and the authoritative Christian voices in women’s lives should encourage them to learn, construct knowledge, critically weigh propositions, and exercise their spiritual gifts, and argues strongly that women need female role models held up before them as positive, critically thinking examples.

Articles/Published Guest Blog Posts

Biblical Development Coaching…for Women

Biblical Breakthrough

Experience the freedom of knowing not only what you believe, but why you believe it.

Step into relationships, conversations, churches, and ministries with the confidence, skills, and tools that give you the scriptural knowledge and theological awareness about biblical issues, even controversial ones, previously available primarily to seminary and Bible college students. Have your biblical breakthrough today by registering for the free video series.

Training Telesummits by Women (usually) for Women (mostly)

Your Biblical Breakthrough: Best Practices in Bible Study and Interpretation / A Global Telesummit for Women

Natalie founded, organizes, and hosts “Your Biblical Breakthrough” training telesummits for women. During these one-day, virtual (online) event, four or five presenters give attendees their best, go-to practices and principles for good, solid, seminary-level Bible study. Additionally, each presenter provides goodies and giveaways for attendees to access! These training events are so not-to-miss, it’s ridiculous. Each and every presenter is highly qualified to teach best practices in biblical interpretation and will be doing so in an accessible, digestible, and down-to-earth way.

Next Event Date:
Event Registration & Location: (site not live yet)
Registration will open October 15.

Past training telesummit dates:

  • November 19, 2015. Speakers:
  • February 25, 2016. Speakers:
    • Session 1 – Leah Everson: Understanding Biblical Poetry
    • Session 2 – Dr. Robin Gallaher Branch: Digging Deeper into Old Testament Narrative
    • Session 3 – Patty Houser: Biblical Historical Context
    • Session 4 – Dr. Natalie Eastman: The Gospels in Four-Part Harmony


The “Interpret Courageously!” Series

  • Facing Fears & Hesitations to Interpreting the Bible…and Overcoming Them!
  • Facing Conflict…and Rising Above It!


  • The WLB Mentors—First Awakenings
  • The WLB Mentors—Final Decisions and Implementation
  • The WLB Mentors—Parting Words


Natalie will engage your group, ministry team, class, or congregation through live-event speaking, retreat, webinar, teleseminar, or Google+ Hangout formats.

Click here for more information.


When Natalie Eastman was asked by the Rivendell Institute to speak to graduate students and professional women at Yale on the topic of “work,” she delivered the goods! Being a woman whose “walk and talk” match gave validity to her every point. Women were mesmerized as she not only developed her well-crafted points but was able to do so weaving in her keen sense of humor.
_Sue Smedley, Staff, Rivendell Institute at Yale University

Natalie was just what our church’s worship team needed to take solid steps forward in the quality and depth of our leading. … It ended up being practical, engaging, and focused on the Lord. But my favorite part of her teaching was that it was multifaceted, just like worship. Over the weekend, we learned some theology, ironed out some logistical issues like cuing and sound system things, and examined ways in which we genuinely could help usher our particular congregation into the Lord’s presence on Sundays. It was a worship retreat that’s pretty hard to beat.
_Hannah Wong, Retreat Co-organizer