Announcement: Massive Website Updates!

In the process of switching web hosts, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth – mainly by me. But I decided to make the best of it and have laid tracks for good stuff: merging blogs, linking websites, and making the flow between The Verity Initiative’s resources much easier.

Hence, you see a very different-looking URL on this website:

Eventually, you will see only; but for the moment, this interim site will be bridging the gap between what was and what shall be.

In the new site, all ministries will be linked (Biblical Breakthrough, Your Biblical Breakthrough Training Telesummits, WomenLeadershipBible (book website), the blog and all resources) through What a day that will be!

So, hang tight. In Christ we’re living in the “already but not yet”; but in websites, we’re simply living in the “not yet.” So, please bear with us during the growing pains!

Thank you!


An Easter Gift for You

Hello, friends!

Somehow, despite personal and family health challenges for the past three months, I have managed to put together something for you about which I’m very excited. For those of you who were able to attend February’s Your Biblical Breakthrough! Training Telesummit and followed the four lessons through to the last one, you know that I taught on how to use a Gospel synopsis Bible study tool. Oh dear, how I love those things. These simple-genius tools can open your eyes to things you never noticed before in the Gospels.

Behind Door #1

With Easter in mind, as well (as I write, Easter is tomorrow), I decided that I would create a small packet for you whereby you can read the crucifixion and resurrection accounts, Gospel-synopsis style.

You can access that here. This will open a file in my dropbox account. You’ll be able to view and download the file. I encourage you to download it, so you can refer to it, make annotations, or print it out for your convenience.

Once again, you can get that packet here:

Download Button

Behind Door #2

And to help you more fully understand what you are reading, I am also giving you access to my session from February’s YBB! Training Telesummit, in which I taught about using a synopsis: what it is, what it does, and how to use it.

You can view that training video here. (FYI: It’s about an hour of training.)

Behind Door #3

Finally, here is the downloadable gift I gave to people who attended that telesummit session. In this doc, I provide all of the pertinent notes, as well as the names for and many links to resources I referenced.

Here’s another link to that resource:

Download Button

Please Comment on What You Learn from This Post

Once you have a chance to take a look at these resources, please let me know in the comments below what you gained from it. Did you have some new insight? New question? Are you now as in love with the Gospel synopsis tool as I am?

Please share. And please feel free to share this post with someone to whom you think it may bring some encouragement and hope.

Happy, Blessed Easter to You!

I hope this helps you dive more deeply into Easter: all that our Savior and Lord has done for us, the power of God, and the hope we now have because of the resurrection.


A Note from Natalie – Easter 2016

Hello, friends!

I had wanted to get out an issue of “Dig Deep!” (The Verity Initiative LLC’s sometimes-monthly, sometimes-not newsletter) much earlier, but our house has been a house of sickness for the past three months or so. If it’s not been one person, it’s been another! Fevers, coughs, vomiting… You name it, we have had it. Of course, illness always comes on top of the rest of life, canceling out nearly everything else, including work and ministry life (not to mention housework, although I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing…).

In fact, today I am dictating this entry from the doctor’s office while I wait for a steroid shot so that I won’t have to take antibiotics for the third time in three months. Despite the setbacks, I pressed in and created something I hope you’ll love: a set of materials for going deeper into the Easter story than you may ever have gone!

Click this image to find out more:

Easter gift from The Verity Initiative & Natalie Eastman

This post is just to bring you up to date a bit on my health and what’s happening.

The Health Issues

Beginning in late November, I experienced multiple sinus infections and severe, repeated bronchitis. You see the image at the top of this post? Yeah, that’s not a picture of my sinuses. That is an image of healthy sinuses.

Here’s mine:

Natalie's sick sinuses

In early March, I discovered through that CT scan –  – that my sinuses are pretty much in a state of permanent sinusitis, because they’re fairly impacted and very full. Yucko.

The current plan is for surgery in mid-April to clear it all out. If you think of me, please pray for this. The work is very close to the eyes and the brain and carries with it a significant set of risks. I will be under general anesthesia. I take none of this lightly. The alternative is to continue having between five and seven sinus infections a year, with attending bronchitis symptoms, which is not always actual bronchitis, but may be caused by the wild gush of postnasal drip brought on by the never-ending sinusitis. Yummy.

For my natural-remedy friends (like me), don’t worry, I am pursuing all options. I am already taking several helpful natural supplements, using essential oils to free my breathing, and researching to see what other options there are besides surgery and drugs.

Thank you so much for praying for me and for the work to which I believe God has called me: training and encouraging women to study God’s Word with skill and confidence.