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Aubrey Sampson on “Audacious Mary”: Overcoming Shame

Contributed by Aubrey Sampson It was the first time I had ever taught in “big church.” The first service seemed to go well, and I was excited for the second one to begin. But in between services I ran to the water fountain and overheard this conversation: Woman: “I am so excited that a woman is preaching today.” Man: “Umm…She isn’t preaching. She is sharing.” In the years that followed, as I began to book more and more speaking engagements, I was afraid to say the words aloud—I am preparing to preach a sermon. In fact, when asked about the […]


by nrweastman
To celebrate July 4th well, I decided I needed to post in two places! Huzzah! This time, however, I’ve gone (rather unpatriotically, I suppose) to the southern hemisphere – I’ve gotten a gracious invitation to post on a Kiwi’s blog! New Zealand encourager-of-women (especially mamas) blogger and business-owner, Sarah Wilson, was kind enough to allow me to post to her blog, Lattes Laced with Grace today, and highlight my book. I imagined a world in which all Christian women—including tired, distracted mamas and busy business creators—handled Scripture with deft accuracy and skill; sorted through conflicting opinions and interpretations on difficult […]

Resource: Site for Free Downloadable Gifts in Self-Help Niche

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Site with Free Resources Available Many free resources in the self-help niche are available at this site through June 26, 2015 Why in the world would I place my own gifts – clearly Christian and clearly believing the Bible as true – on a site with all of this vague-spirituality self-help information? Because I believe it needs to be there, right in the midst of the many, many messages competing for people’s attention that don’t lead to Christ. Well, as I’ve said, some of the resources listed in the giveaway are clearly Christian; but most are clearly not. Billions of […]

Announcing Author-Insanity!

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Are We Crazy? Probably. We’re excited (and, yes, a little nervous) to announce… The 2015 Blog-and-Book Tour, Road Trip, and Product Launch Extravaganza! You know, when I go, I go big. It’s just me. It’s usually fun, sometimes messy, typically stressful, and hopefully fruitful for the Kingdom and helpful to the Body of Christ. In fact, this year’s effort will be much more than “just” a book tour, if that were possible. Here’s what’s involved: July 2–9—Blog Tour, a series of blog interviews and posts hosted by various active Christian bloggers and authors July 8 or 9—Blog-and-Book Tour Road Trip Kickoff Party July 8 […]

For the Survivors

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For the Girls and Women Who Didn’t Get to Choose Their Life as It Currently Exists “You think you had a choice?” I ask, staggered. She looks at me, then looks away. She starts to cry. “I don’t know. I guess I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t want it.”* I wrote this month for Threads of Compassion in honor and support of victims of sex-trafficking. It’s just one infinitesimal step toward helping heal the overwhelming post-traumatic stress in victims.Read my poem and learn more about Survivors’ Ink here.Please share as you are able. Many […]

Slavery Still A Huge Problem | Forum at OWU

[visibility show=”desktop, tablet, mobile-landscape, mobile-portrait”]If you’ve been around this site for a while, you already know that sex trafficking is on my mind. A lot.[/visibility] Especially child sex trafficking. It’s simply something that ought never be. I’m as passionate about that as I am about giving women the tools to thrive and think biblically and theologically about their toughest life questions. Hm. Probably more passionate, when it comes to what really gets me and moves me to tears, every time, without fail. Today, though, I wanted to brag on my husband, David Eastman, and tell you about something he participated in […]


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More “light” reading. Not. Buckle up. Thanks to The New York Times’ contributor Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian woman my age, tonight’s reflections (conveniently just before bedtime) are on FGM, or “female genital mutilation.” Ye-gad, just the mention of it gives me the shivers. So, I needed to process it a bit before retiring. Click here to see the article I read tonight. I’ve been familiar with the ghastly practice for some years now, although I wasn’t 100% sure I understood exactly what the procedure entails. So, for some real fun, I checked out some images on Google. WARNING: If you […]

Who’s She? Hannah More

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A lot of people know William Wilberforce’s name. Many saw a movie (“Amazing Grace“) or read a book or two about his passionate and tireless zeal for the end of human slave trade and were appropriately moved. But very few have heard of an unsung heroine named Hannah More, the author of the many tracts and pamphlets used by Wilberforce and the other abolitionists. As the only female member of the Clapham Sect, the group that was the epicenter of the movement, she quietly wrote the words that slowly, eventually helped awaken an nation, and ultimately the world, to the atrocity […]

Lecture and Book Signing at City Seminary of New York – Oct. 18

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One Day Only: Dr. Natalie Eastman will Give Lecture in New York City on 10/18/14 Dr. Natalie R. W. Eastman, author of Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation (Wipf & Stock Publishers, May 2014;, will lecture on “Cutting through the Words to Get to the Word: Discerning What God Says in Scripture – for Yourself (Rather than Simply Relying on What Everyone around You Says God Says!)” [alert type=”notice, warning, success, error, info” icon=”star” close=”true”]Free Admission. Light lunch provided, so please RSVP by Oct. 15.[/alert] Details: Date: Saturday, October 18, 2014 Time: 11:00 am–1:30 pm…

Dr. David Eastman to Run in 2014 Columbus Marathon: Fundraiser for Children’s Home in San Salvador

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On Oct. 19, 2014, Dr. David Eastman  (my Awesome and Absolutely Favorite Husband) will run the Columbus Marathon for the second time to raise funds and awareness for the fabulous kids of the Love and Hope Children’s Home in San, Salvador, El Salvador. Click here to support David and give for the kids of Love & Hope!