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Sharla Fritz: Is Meditation Dangerous?

Sharla Fritz on Is Meditation Dangerous?

by nrweastman
Is Meditation Dangerous? Contributed by Sharla Fritz I remember clearly when a friend mentioned he was seeing a counselor who recommended meditation. “Clear your mind,” the counselor instructed. “Try to empty it completely.” Red flags immediately shot up in my own mind. “Empty your mind” did not sound like good advice in light of Jesus’ warning that an empty mind may be an invitation for evil to take up residence (Luke 11:24-26). So I warned my friend that this kind of meditation could be dangerous. But not all meditation is alarming and unsafe. Christian meditation doesn’t aim to empty the […]
Malestrom by Carolyn Custis James

Q&A with Carolyn Custis James

When I first sensed a call to write the book that later became Women, Leadership, and the Bible, people — and I mean an extraordinary number of people — suggested that I needed to contact a woman named Carolyn Custis James. I’d not yet heard of her and she’d only published one book by that time: When Life and Beliefs Collide. I found her, got involved with something she’d launched called Synergy Women’s Network, read When Life…, and have been blessed and stretched by her thoughtful approach to faith and thinking theologically ever since. Also since, she has published prolifically […]