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Slavery Still A Huge Problem | Forum at OWU

[visibility show=”desktop, tablet, mobile-landscape, mobile-portrait”]If you’ve been around this site for a while, you already know that sex trafficking is on my mind. A lot.[/visibility] Especially child sex trafficking. It’s simply something that ought never be. I’m as passionate about that as I am about giving women the tools to thrive and think biblically and theologically about their toughest life questions. Hm. Probably more passionate, when it comes to what really gets me and moves me to tears, every time, without fail. Today, though, I wanted to brag on my husband, David Eastman, and tell you about something he participated in […]

Positive Words that Form? How about “No”?

Today, I was blessed to have opportunity on Bronwyn Lea’s blog to consider the formative nature of the word often spoken to me in love by my dad: “No…” Link to it here. Please leave a comment there, or even here. Questions for reflection: What were your own thoughts and responses? What positive words have formed you? By the way, I guest posted at the Redbud Writers Guild site two weeks ago. Read that here.

Connecting-the-Dots for the Redbud Writers Guild Blog

I was delighted and honored to be the featured blogger yesterday on the Redbud Writers Guild blog. Writing that post was an “in-your-face” experience. It begins, “Grief and objectivity alternatingly wash over me as I write.” I invite you to read the blog post. Please leave a comment there, or even here. What were your own thoughts and responses to the questions I posed at the end?