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Julie Coleman on “Context”

by nrweastman
When Bible Interpretation Goes Wrong: Context Matters By Julie Coleman Location, location, location. It was our number one consideration when house shopping. Location largely determines the value and desirability of a home. A beautiful home too far from work or in a bad school district has little attraction to the buyer. It makes a huge difference where a home is planted. The same can be said about the location, or context, of a passage of Scripture. The reason we study the Bible is to glean truth from God—to discover His perspective, His instruction, and hear His heart. So the last […]

Meadow Rue Merrill on Trusting God When Life Hurts, Act III: “Looking in the Word”

by nrweastman
  Trusting God When Life Hurts Contributed by Meadow Rue Merrill When our daughter Ruth, who had multiple special needs, died before her eighth birthday, my husband, Dana, and I were devastated. I don’t say “completely” devastated or “profoundly” devastated, because by its very definition devastation is total. There are no degrees. Rather, we experienced a black, bleak ruin where the flowering, fruitful garden of our lives once grew. Born in a hospital in Uganda and quickly abandoned, Ruth had spent much of the first year of her life in an orphanage before being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She then […]

Aubrey Sampson on “Audacious Mary”: Overcoming Shame

Contributed by Aubrey Sampson It was the first time I had ever taught in “big church.” The first service seemed to go well, and I was excited for the second one to begin. But in between services I ran to the water fountain and overheard this conversation: Woman: “I am so excited that a woman is preaching today.” Man: “Umm…She isn’t preaching. She is sharing.” In the years that followed, as I began to book more and more speaking engagements, I was afraid to say the words aloud—I am preparing to preach a sermon. In fact, when asked about the […]