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2016 Lesser-Known Writing Workshops, Conferences and Retreats

There are opportunities for people who want or need to actually work on the craft of their writing in community with others, and I've come to know about a small bevy of them as a result of my expanding network among Christian writers. So, I thought I'd pass along some of the notifications I've received about the lesser-known opportunities to gather in more intimate settings than big writer's conferences. Below I've started a list of links to lesser-known opportunities for intensive craft development in smaller, groups of writers, editors, and publishers, often in someone's home, converted barn, or even private island (oh yes). I'm limiting this list to opportunities offered by Christian writers, editors, and publishers. I welcome additions to the list!
Sharla Fritz: Is Meditation Dangerous?

Sharla Fritz on Is Meditation Dangerous?

by nrweastman
Is Meditation Dangerous? Contributed by Sharla Fritz I remember clearly when a friend mentioned he was seeing a counselor who recommended meditation. “Clear your mind,” the counselor instructed. “Try to empty it completely.” Red flags immediately shot up in my own mind. “Empty your mind” did not sound like good advice in light of Jesus’ warning that an empty mind may be an invitation for evil to take up residence (Luke 11:24-26). So I warned my friend that this kind of meditation could be dangerous. But not all meditation is alarming and unsafe. Christian meditation doesn’t aim to empty the […]

Resource: Site for Free Downloadable Gifts in Self-Help Niche

by nrweastman
Site with Free Resources Available Many free resources in the self-help niche are available at this site through June 26, 2015 Why in the world would I place my own gifts – clearly Christian and clearly believing the Bible as true – on a site with all of this vague-spirituality self-help information? Because I believe it needs to be there, right in the midst of the many, many messages competing for people’s attention that don’t lead to Christ. Well, as I’ve said, some of the resources listed in the giveaway are clearly Christian; but most are clearly not. Billions of […]

How Archaeology Can Inform Our Interpretation: Our Understanding of Day-to-day Living in the Past

“It’s important to read Bible passages in their historical and cultural context, because (1) many beliefs commonly accepted and acted-upon today are not found in the Bible (and vice versa), and (2) many of our cultural practices today did not exist back then (and vice versa). We must be (or become) aware of these facts when interpreting.” _From Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation by Dr. Natalie Eastman (p. 120) For an interesting perspective on how archaeological evidence can assist our understanding of biblical history, including how people lived day-to-day […]

Author and Book Highlight: Sharla Fritz – Divine Makeover

As a former youth minister for eight years in full-time capacity in two different, very large churches, I worked with young women ages 12-22, between the 500 or so girls who were in the ministries at any given time. In addition, we had several dozen year-round female volunteers and usually around 11 female summer staff we hired each year. From those experiences, as well as my own, I believe in building up young women in biblical and theological acuity and understanding and that this – understanding themselves in light of their identity as image-bearers of god – is their best foundation for […]