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For the Survivors

For the Girls and Women Who Didn’t Get to Choose Their Life as It Currently Exists

Photo by Almudena Toral

“You think you had a choice?” I ask, staggered.

She looks at me, then looks away. She starts to cry.

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t want it.”*

I wrote this month for Threads of Compassion in honor and support of victims of sex-trafficking. It’s just one infinitesimal step toward helping heal the overwhelming post-traumatic stress in victims.Read my poem and learn more about Survivors’ Ink here.Please share as you are able. Many thanks!
Natalie* Credits:
Photo by Almudena Toral
Intro quote from: ”Human Trafficking: Modern-Day Slavery in Focus” by Annie Kelly. Posted at The Guardian. Nov 15, 2015.

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