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Going with the Flow, Part 1: Sentence Flow Diagramming

Assuming you’ve done your work with the <<preliminaries>>, here’s the next step to putting your Bible study on steroids: doing a sentence flow diagram. I know, I know: totally unsexy. But, seriously, this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE tool for studying the Bible(lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!) because everyone who has a basic knowledge of English grammar truly can get a much clearer picture of a scripture passage with some very simple diagramming.

Most translations are written, intentionally, in paragraph and verse form. By diagramming sentences according to grammar rules, you get to see how words, phrases, sentences, and even whole sections relate to each other. You see comparisons and contrasts at a glance. You see cause and effect in a second.


This post is part of the following (still-being-written) series:

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Interpretation Preliminaries:

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