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Announcing Author-Insanity!

Are We Crazy?

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The Blog-and-Book Tour Road Trip Extravaganza!


We’re excited (and, yes, a little nervous) to announce…

The 2015 Blog-and-Book Tour, Road Trip, and Product Launch Extravaganza!

You know, when I go, I go big. It’s just me. It’s usually fun, sometimes messy, typically stressful, and hopefully fruitful for the Kingdom and helpful to the Body of Christ.

In fact, this year’s effort will be much more than “just” a book tour, if that were possible. Here’s what’s involved:

  • July 2–9—Blog Tour, a series of blog interviews and posts hosted by various active Christian bloggers and authors
  • July 8 or 9—Blog-and-Book Tour Road Trip Kickoff Party
  • July 8 or 9—Official Launch of Biblical Breakthrough! Online Coaching Program (warning: the site’s still getting some final touches, as in the front/welcome page; but the site is live)
  • July 1–August 1—Book Tour Road Trip promoting the book and online program — and you can have me come speak to your group and/or friends and/or your bookstore and/or your church and/or whatever you want to add on here!!!

Click Here for All the Details!


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