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To celebrate July 4th well, I decided I needed to post in two places! Huzzah! This time, however, I’ve gone (rather unpatriotically, I suppose) to the southern hemisphere – I’ve gotten a gracious invitation to post on a Kiwi’s blog! New Zealand encourager-of-women (especially mamas) blogger and business-owner, Sarah Wilson, was kind enough to allow me to post to her blog, Lattes Laced with Grace today, and highlight my book.

I imagined a world in which all Christian women—including tired, distracted mamas and busy business creators—handled Scripture with deft accuracy and skill; sorted through conflicting opinions and interpretations on difficult cultural issues and theological questions; and stepped boldly into forming their own informed beliefs about what God says in his Word about an issue, over and above what everyone else says God says.

Can you see it? Maybe not yet. But can you imagine it? What would the world be like? Would it be like a Bible-Mama Utopia?

Many thanks, Sarah! Go read the post here.


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