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Positive Words that Form? How about “No”?

"No" can love.


Today, I was blessed to have opportunity on Bronwyn Lea’s blog to consider the formative nature of the word often spoken to me in love by my dad: “No…”

Link to it here.

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Questions for reflection:

  • What were your own thoughts and responses?
  • What positive words have formed you?

By the way, I guest posted at the Redbud Writers Guild site two weeks ago. Read that here.

2 thoughts on “Positive Words that Form? How about “No”?”

  1. One of my father’s often quoted sayings was and still is: pull yourself up by the bootstaps! It shaped me in my growing up years and continues to. When I am down and feeling like I just can’t do anymore, I take a breath and lift my head and say a prayer and then somehow the strength comes and I can keep going.

    1. Hi Dawn! Even when we walk with the Lord in faith, I’ve certainly recognized a partnership between our attitude (chemical issues notwithstanding) and our moving forward in life, not to mention our joy. Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for commenting.

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