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Resource: Site for Free Downloadable Gifts in Self-Help Niche

Site with Free Resources Available

Many free resources in the self-help niche are available at this site through June 26, 2015

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Why in the world would I place my own gifts – clearly Christian and clearly believing the Bible as true – on a site with all of this vague-spirituality self-help information?

Because I believe it needs to be there, right in the midst of the many, many messages competing for people’s attention that don’t lead to Christ. Well, as I’ve said, some of the resources listed in the giveaway are clearly Christian; but most are clearly not.

Billions of people flock to self-help resources. Just ask booksellers and online retailers, not to mention infomercial airspace sellers. Everybody’s searching. Everybody’s filling voids in their lives and in their souls. In Ingrid Michaelson’s song’s words, “Everybody, everybody wants to love; everybody, everybody wants to be loved!”

I want those seekers to fill those voids with the truth of God’s Word.

Some people have been perplexed by the controversy over the issue of women’s roles in the church – and many have left the church and even their faith walk as a result of it. My book’s title and the resources I’ve listed may catch their eye.

About ten people have downloaded my resources so far. That’s good enough for me. Until they unsubscribe, they’ll continue to receive information and communication from me that will point them in the direction of studying and understanding the Bible through an orthodox (small “o”) Christian lens – for themselves and yet pointing them always to Christian community, with Christ as the focal point.

If you have friends whom you feel may be interested in such a site, which contains both Christian and non-Christian materials, please feel free to share this link and post with them.

Why on earth would I promote a site that provides free resources for self-help and “vague spirituality” niches and such to my blog readers?

1. Because I’m hoping you might send this link to your friends who are seeking spiritually – they will probably be surprised that you would send such a link to them since it’s not specifically Christian. They probably already seek via some of these means. And yet on this site they may stumble across my or another Christian’s free gifts. I personally know several Christians, including myself, who have posted free gifts there for this annual, limited-time event (only through 6/26).

2. You might also send it to your friends who are seeking help for business or other interests. There are a TON of business helps there.

3. You might find some free resources that interest you. I did! This morning, I downloaded…

  • a WAHM suggested schedule for running your business from home, yet maintaining personal and family sanity.
  • a checklist for hosting a telesummit (something I plan to do this fall)
  • a report on encouraging your child’s confidence
  • several Kindle publishing and Kindle business instructional reports


What other topics will I find in this giveaway? (Discernment Required)

You will find not only “spiritual” and “self-help” niche resources, although you will find many, many of those, but also a few specifically Christian and Bible-centered tools as well, including some resources from me that complement the Bible study and interpretation method and tools I teach in my book Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation. Go check it out and see if something will help you grow in your relationship to God, and perhaps also your professional or personal life.

Lots of helpful niches are represented: parenting, childbirth, meal planning, weight loss, entrepreneurial/business-business tools and information, lifestyle topics, personal organization, business org, stress management, wellness, quit smoking, health, brainpower, time management, etc.

You will also find other topics you may personally find more dubious or downright untrustworthy, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they are there on the site – please use your best judgment and godly discernment. Some of these include wealth and abundance, law of attraction, hypnosis, meditation, subliminal messaging, affirmations, positive thinking, chakras, and many more.

You must sift, sort, and use your prayerful, critical-thinking skills and discernment in the power of God’s Spirit to know what’s for you and what’s not. Yet, I present this to you because there is a LOT of good information included in this free giveaway and you may find something useful.

The giveaway continues through June 26.

Again, here is the site/link:

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