Dr. Natalie Eastman will engage your group, ministry team, class, or congregation through live-event speaking, retreat, workshop, webinar, teleseminar, or Google+ Hangout formats on the following topics:

  • Get Clarity on Your Hardest Biblical Questions! For Those Who Want to Engage God’s Word with Theological Integrity and Experience Confidence As A Biblical Interpreter (But Who Aren’t Able to Go to Seminary)!
  • Women, Leadership, & The Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? Find Answers – for Yourself – and Find Peace Within, Without, and with the Word!
  • How Do I Know What to Believe? Find Answers – for Yourself – and Find Peace Within, Without, and with the Word!
  • Other topics upon request

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Honorarium Policy 2015

Request more information at info@NatalieEastman.com.

Samples of Past Talks

  • “Work and Rest: Looking at Work from the Flip Side,’” New Haven, CT, 2007. Featured speaker for women’s gathering of the Rivendell Institute, a ministry to Yale graduate and professional students and the greater Yale community.
  • “Work and Rest,” New Haven, CT, 2006. One of five speakers for a women’s retreat sponsored by the Rivendell Institute and various local churches.
  • “Worship,” Chinese Christian Church, Washington, D.C., 2006. Speaker and trainer for weekend worship team retreat and training opportunity.


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[testimonial author=”Sue Smedley, Staff, Rivendell Institute at Yale University”]When Natalie Eastman was asked by the Rivendell Institute to speak to graduate students and professional women at Yale on the topic of “work,” she delivered the goods! Being a woman whose “walk and talk” match gave validity to her every point. Women were mesmerized as she not only developed her well-crafted points but was able to do so weaving in her keen sense of humor. _Sue Smedley, Staff, Rivendell Institute at Yale University[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Hannah Wong, Retreat Co-organizer”]Natalie was just what our church’s worship team needed to take solid steps forward in the quality and depth of our leading. … It ended up being practical, engaging, and focused on the Lord. But my favorite part of her teaching was that it was multifaceted, just like worship. Over the weekend, we learned some theology, ironed out some logistical issues like cuing and sound system things, and examined ways in which we genuinely could help usher our particular congregation into the Lord’s presence on Sundays. It was a worship retreat that’s pretty hard to beat.[/testimonial]