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Books and Articles by Dr. Natalie Eastman:

  • Women, Leadership, & the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation (Portland, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers; forthcoming, April 2014).

Women, Leadership, & The Bible Book Cover

The Interpret Courageously! Series:

E-books: (coming soon)

  • Facing Conflict–and Rising Above It!
  • Facing Fears and Hesitations to Interpreting the Bible–and Overcoming Them!


  • The WLB Mentors—First Awakenings (coming soon)
  • The WLB Mentors—Final Decisions and Implementation (coming soon)
  • The WLB Mentors—Parting Words (coming soon)

Other Articles (coming soon):

  • Is It Too Late for Me?
  • Going Further with History: Behind Every Great Man…
  • Questions We Can Ask of the Text
  • Reading Lists for Further Exploration
  • The Sacred Question (And Women’s Confusion over It)
  • “What Is A ‘Call’? Am I Called?” Some Thoughts
  • Why Are Christian Women Confused? An Essay